My Best Sale Online

The first place I sold online was Yahoo Auctions, which don’t even exist in their system no more. That was where I got my start, but back to the best sale that I think I ever made. The site don’t exist no more that I sold a vintage gone with the wind lamp on.  This picture is of a modern gone with the wind lamp. I included it to give you the idea of the vintage lamp I sold.

I don’t go out on garage sales often, because I don’t drive. This time a friend took me out and I found the vintage lamp. The bottom light wasn’t working. Since it wasn’t working, the lady offered a price of $5 for the entire lamp.

I came home and put a new night light bulb in the bottom lamp. It worked just like that! It was in great shape. I listed the vintage lamp for $90. I didn’t have to wait long for it to sell. That was the best sale I’ve had from an outside source. Many people today hunt garage sales or dropship to reach Well Profit Levels.