EBates, A Way To Make Money When Buying

I don’t remember if I got an email, or joined direct, but I have been a member of EBates  for years. Through EBates, you get a percentage of your purchase online. When it builds up, you get a check.

I once got a check, but I don’t remember to go through EBates, when I make a purchase online. They have a browser button for when you are getting ready to make a purchase online. I don’t like adding too much to my browser.

That little check comes in handy, when you are on fixed income like me. Different stores offer different percentage rates of what you get out of the purchase. To check out EBates, click here


EBay, Still Main Auction

When I sell online now, it is usually on EBay. I think EBay still has the most traffic of all the auctions. They have the most categories to sell in. Buyers on EBay have stopped buying at Good Prices, but this may be because of the economy.

EBay seems to have control over the lead spot in online auctions, though. They offer to me to list for free. Now, if it sells, I get the fees to pay.  My standing is still good on EBay. I have sales, and then I go for a while without a sale.

I have had my experience at online stores, dealing mostly in antiques and collectibles. They are just too costly. There is where the old saying comes into place: it takes money to make money.


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate University has got it all. My rating on it is superb. The only thing that hindered me was money. At the time I joined, it ran $40-$50 a month for premium membership.

There is free membership, but like everything else, you can’t function fully on a limited membership. So, I chose premium membership.

Premium membership offered full training, hosting, and many other tools. The price was just too much for me. I don’t say it wasn’t reasonable, but I couldn’t meet it month after month.

I do remember an extra program that you were suggested to subscribe to. This program helped you find keywords for your niche. I couldn’t afford it over the Premium membership, that I couldn’t afford.

Wealthy Affiliate University is rated super in my rating. It comes down to the old saying: It takes Money To Make Money.

Filling Out Surveys- A Review

I have had my pleasure of filling out surveys. If you like giving your opinion, you’ve got it made. I suggest don’t paying money to get started.

A lot of make money sites are out there charging money for a list of survey sites. Oh, the lists are true. I just don’t see paying for the lists.

In filling out surveys, you will have to fill out an introductory survey or two. This way, the company gets to know you, and know what type of surveys for you to fill out.

One con is it is a slow way to making money online. Oh, you do get paid, but it takes weeks to get paid. Some sites give away prizes first.

My favorite survey site is SurveySavvy. It don’t cost to join. Once you fill out surveys, you have money to collect, and you can be paid anytime you request it. It just takes up to 6 weeks to get paid.  You may sign up here.

My Best Sale Online

The first place I sold online was Yahoo Auctions, which don’t even exist in their system no more. That was where I got my start, but back to the best sale that I think I ever made. The site don’t exist no more that I sold a vintage gone with the wind lamp on.  This picture is of a modern gone with the wind lamp. I included it to give you the idea of the vintage lamp I sold.

I don’t go out on garage sales often, because I don’t drive. This time a friend took me out and I found the vintage lamp. The bottom light wasn’t working. Since it wasn’t working, the lady offered a price of $5 for the entire lamp.

I came home and put a new night light bulb in the bottom lamp. It worked just like that! It was in great shape. I listed the vintage lamp for $90. I didn’t have to wait long for it to sell. That was the best sale I’ve had from an outside source. Many people today hunt garage sales or dropship to reach Well Profit Levels.

Intro To Legit Make Money Online

In this intro, I want to explain what I intend to do with this blog. I’ve been on the internet over fifteen years. I’ve tried most ways to make money online. In this blog I’m going to review present money schemes, to see which or legit or not.

 One Truth, I have realized is true on the internet is the one basic real world truth:  It Takes Money To Make Money. I, myself, don’t have much money for online ventures. I have always ran into this problem of running out of money in a venture.  I’ve tried blogging; selling on auctions, and fixed price sites; internet marketing and surveys. I have made the most at selling online and surveys. So, We will see which are legit or not.