Filling Out Surveys- A Review

I have had my pleasure of filling out surveys. If you like giving your opinion, you’ve got it made. I suggest don’t paying money to get started.

A lot of make money sites are out there charging money for a list of survey sites. Oh, the lists are true. I just don’t see paying for the lists.

In filling out surveys, you will have to fill out an introductory survey or two. This way, the company gets to know you, and know what type of surveys for you to fill out.

One con is it is a slow way to making money online. Oh, you do get paid, but it takes weeks to get paid. Some sites give away prizes first.

My favorite survey site is SurveySavvy. It don’t cost to join. Once you fill out surveys, you have money to collect, and you can be paid anytime you request it. It just takes up to 6 weeks to get paid.  You may sign up here.